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At Clifftop Exclusive Safari Hideaway, our core philosophy is built around providing a serene, intimate sanctuary that pays tribute to the unique splendor of the African wilderness. As we continue to evolve to predict and provide for, each and every possible desire of our guests, we recognize the growing necessity for privacy and seclusion in the wake of the Covid-19 era. The eponymous nature of the exclusivity and sanctuary that defines our reality has prepared us to embrace this moment. Our Exclusive Lodge Use offer elevates the luxury safari experience: we strive to be the idyllic sanctuary for the reinvigoration of the mind and soul, for reconnection of wavered bonds, and for the healing powers of nature inside a hidden treasure of South African heritage.

Covid-19 has unquestioningly changed the way that we want to travel. It has also certainly made everyone mindful, and cautious, about whom we would like to travel with and about the people we may encounter on our travels. Clifftop has evolved to embrace this change in order to best cater to this new era of travel. While our philosophy has always prioritized privacy and exclusivity, we realize that these aspects of travel are no longer luxuries but have now become necessities for many of us.

Our Exclusive Lodge Use offering exudes privacy, seclusion, and wellness at every level of the nature experience. We strive to be the serene sanctuary for you to reconnect, not only with your small group of trusted ones but also, with the vast expanses of the incomparable South African bush. It is time to escape the artificial structures and return to the purity of nature. Perched regally amongst the undulating hills of the Waterberg mountain range, atop a spectacular gorge overlooking the Sterkstroom River, Clifftop Exclusive Safari Hideaway offers an oasis that provides respite from the world’s worries.

Our intimate, award-winning Lodge was designed with a strong vision of tranquillity.

We believe that tranquillity, seclusion, and peace of mind begins with design and the careful use of space. It is this philosophy that guided the lodge’s designer, Laurie Owen of Laurie Owen Interiors, to combine modern African living with exclusivity and an abundance of creative flavor. Our unique style earned us the “Best Hotel Interior” award at the inaugural African Hotel Awards held in association with Bloomberg Television in 2011. Witness the stillness of nature, shielded from the outdoors by massive floor-to-ceiling French doors, or step outside on to your private timber deck and feel at one with your surroundings.

At Clifftop, indulgence and nature go hand-in-hand and we have ensured that you will be able to soak in the impressive surroundings in the lap of luxury. Each suite of our 8-room lodge is a luxurious cocoon that offers unrivaled views of the Sterkstroom river gorge and surroundings. From a selection of your own bathtub, outdoor and indoor shower, to the crisp white linens, to your own tea and coffee making facilities, to the intimacy of your own private sala and plunge pool, your suite is a sanctuary in and of itself. Your precious privacy is interrupted only by the melody of our extraordinary bushveld from your elevated suite deck and the calming sounds of the roaring Sterkstroom River a hundred meters below.

Dining is a defining part of your Clifftop Experience.

Every dish served at Clifftop is a culinary masterpiece. Romance runs through everything that our culinary team does. From the personalized dining experience brought to life by your personal butler, to the individualized dining locations, to our selection of some of South Africa’s finest, award-winning wines, dining is an unforgettable aspect of your journey with us.   By providing us with your group’s dietary preferences, you will indulge in our meticulously selected cuisines and dishes, which highlight our local specialties and pay homage to renowned classic recipes from around the world. Homemade freshly baked goods and beverages throughout the day, enjoyed with the chorus of the bush, entails a dining experience that even the most discerning foodies will adore.

We will always be a call away without ever being in your personal space.

In the wake of Covid-19, we have worked hard to ensure that we provide maximum service to make sure no need goes unmet whilst ensuring that we maintain and protect your privacy and safety. As such, our talented team has extensively familiarised themselves with our elevated Covid-19 protocols ( and will be able to provide you with the quality service that defines what we do here at Clifftop. We have guaranteed that your safety is prioritized at every stage of your safari experience.

Experience an impressive 360 square kilometres of pristine wildlife and malaria-free wilderness inside the UNESCO-designated Waterberg Biosphere

Welgevonden Private Game Reserve is situated inside the UNESCO-designated Waterberg Biosphere Reserve, which boasts rich biodiversity of more than 5,500 plant species, of which 43% are endemic. Through industry-leading, innovative conservation management, Welgevonden is home to more than 65 mammal species, including the famous Big Five, cheetah, brown hyena, caracal, aardwolf, and over 300 different bird species. Located just two and a half hours away on road, or a mere 45-minute by flight, from Johannesburg, Welgevonden’s accessibility and malaria-free status make it one of the finest places to watch wildlife, sense wilderness and experience the true spirit of Africa.

Wellness is the focal point of your stay.

The Covid-19 era has brought upon stresses, worries, and preoccupations that have disproportionately affected our physical and mental health. At Clifftop, we have resolutely redefined your nature experience by providing an elevated experience that is profoundly rooted in human understanding, wellness, and the innate benefits of the surrounding landscapes. Pamper yourself with one of our bespoke wellness treatments, expertly delivered by our wellness team who have more than 15 years of experience, in the seclusion of your suite. Embark on a relaxed, scenic safari to truly appreciate the majesty of the Waterberg. Our sunrise coffee and tea stops as well as our sunset beverage stops bring you closer to your surroundings as you enjoy your favorite drink in the embrace of the iconic African sun.

Stay connected and boost your productivity.

Escaping the city life does not mean you will be left out of the loop on the happenings of the world. Take advantage of our reliable wi-fi services, available in the main area of the lodge, and keep connected to the outside world. We are also pleased to offer basic conference facilities for up to 16 delegates. Whether it is catering for corporate workshops, merger & acquisition meetings, or other senior management meetings of a private nature, we pride ourselves in being the only official fully commercial site in a reserve designed to be private. We offer companies a secure total experience, hidden away from prying eyes and the distractions of city life.

The idyllic setting to reinvigorate and rebalance life.

At its core, Clifftop Exclusive Safari Hideaway is emblematic of a meeting place—a place to connect not only with each other but with the environment around us. Our Exclusive Lodge Use offer elevates the luxury safari experience: we strive to be the idyllic sanctuary for the reinvigoration of the mind and soul, for reconnection of wavered bonds, and for the healing powers of nature inside a hidden treasure of South African heritage.