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To use a Game Show quote…”What is behind door number 2″? My wife and I were about to find out. Our accommodation was just a short walk from the main building. Close enough to not be a long trek back for meals and game drives, but not too close to lack privacy. The neutral colour of the walls blended into the vegetation and even though we were there in winter, the fallen leaves and bare trees were almost part of the colour palette of the lodge. I should imagine that in the summer months when the trees have leaves again, the accommodation will vanish behind a verdant curtain.

This is what awaited us once the door was opened!  Indeed, the space exceeded all our preconceived ideas of what we might have expected. This is the view of the suite as seen from the bathroom. Obviously, the bed features prominently, but given the overall size of the accommodation, it does not overwhelm but forms a cohesive part of all that is on offer to guests.